The Company «CHRISTOS MARLANTIS& Co», also known underthe distinctive name FITOTECHNIKI,was founded in 1994.

The company’s mission is to design,construct and maintain green spaces in private or public projects.Furthermore, the company is involved in the cultivation and trade of ornamental plants and trees, the trade of fertilizers, agricultural equipment, as well as irrigation automation systems

The company’s headquarters are located in Spata, Attica, in a 5.000m2 space (19th km. Athens-Spata Avenue). The company also owns 7.000m2 of premises, which are used for cultivation of ornamental plants and storage of agricultural material.

We cultivate and stock high-quality ornamental trees and plants at our premises, in order to be able to promptly cover the needs of any project.

Simultaneously, our company is certified by the Ministry of Environment, Zoning and Public Projects (Y.PE.XO.D.E.), under record number MEEP 21324 in the category of green and construction projects.

The company FITOTECHNIKI has been set up, based on a transparent and modern administration system,which stimulates development and management of the different departments in such a way, as to provide the best services, against controllable cost and strict observance of the set time schedule.

Within this frame, which is the main commitment of the company’s long-term planning, FITOTECHNIKI is active in the implementation of modern and original solutions.