Multicolored glow insect trap

Patent No: 20130100318

The multi-coloured glow insect trap has the ability to attract all the harmful insects for all kind of crops and fruit trees, (Greenfly, Blackfly, Tuta, Thunderfly, Midges, etc.) and it can be used all year round.

The innovative trap uses a selective cocktail of colours to attract all the various insects before they breed and multiplied. Each colour on the trap was selected carefully, as different species or even male and female of the same species is attracted to a different colour. The insects stick to the trap once they are attracted by the colours. The trap works day and night, as the trap glows at night due to the phosphoric material coulour.

The multi-coloured insect trap is easy use; Just tie the rubber at the back of the trap to a brick, wood, stones etc. For the best result, place the trap flat near the plant. It has amazing results when it is used in barns and animal sheds, or other sources of contamination.